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We have special memories of our feisty boy named “Dusty”, who filled our home with his unique presence. He was a loyal and loving friend to Glenn and Bri for 14 years while they were growing up.

Here is "Rocky Boy" who was loved and cherished for 14 years. He was such an adorable puppy that grew into a beautiful, special friend. He was my shadow and my walking partner. He still brings joy to my heart when I think of him.
Sherry J.

I began my focus on pet portraits when I experienced the loss of my fourteen year old dog, Dusty.

As any pet owner knows, a pet is an important part of the family, and the loss can be very deeply felt. I decided that my loyal family member should not be forgotten."What better way to memorialize Dusty for his dedication than to duplicate his likeness and display it where it can be seen on a daily basis watching over the home which he had so dutifully done during his fourteen years."

This space is dedicated to all of the loyal pets who are gone but not forgotten, for their paws have been imprinted forever on our hearts.


A trusty soul invades your life and then he steals your heart
He seems to know your deepest thoughts right from the very start
His love is unconditional. His feelings never hide
With playfulness and reverence he is always by your side

He greets you with jubilance when you return from work
And guards your home when you’re asleep so that no strangers lurk
To you he dedicates his life for shelter and a simple meal
A pat upon his head is all he asks to show him how you feel

And suddenly one day he’s gone and now the house is cold and still
His favorite toys are idle and there are no longer bowls to fill
Yes silently he’s slipped away beyond the rainbow bridge to rest
Paw prints forever on your heart remind you that he loved you best

So much he shared and gave to you although his time was short
He showed how true devotion is pure and can’t be taught
Anecdotes that make you smile and stories are so often heard
Of a special soul that stole your heart but never spoke a single word

And somewhere beyond the rainbow bridge a tail is wagging still
For he knows you think of him with love and gratitude
…… and always will

Phyllis Chasanoff

In loving memory of my "Toby". His favorite time of the day was evening. When I would hit the comfy chair to relax he would almost be in my lap before I had a chance to sit down. He is sadly missed! >^..^<
Karen H.

In Memory of "Clancy", who was Pat's devoted little sidekick, always there watching at the window or waiting at the door. His sweet memory remains with her always.

"Zoey" was a member of our family for 8 years and we loved her very much. She was a gentle giant and her memory will be in our hearts forever.
Teri S.

The best dog that ever lived.
Sue N.

In Memory of a sweet and loveable dog named "Poopie"

In loving Memory of Shad, a devoted member of our family for 10 years. We will never forget him. " His was the cutest, sweetest face I had ever seen." Bill H.