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Feel free to contact me at to discuss pricing.  Paintings are completely customized to your specifications. Prices are reasonable and dependent upon size and content of painting.   Together we can come up with a plan to suit your budget.

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for updates and new paintings. 

Looking forward to working together with you to honor your "special friend.:.

Portraits are painted with quality high grade oil paints on durable stretched canvas. There is no need to mat and frame with glass for protection.

Costs for shipping and packing are dependent upon your location. Portraits require a good clear photo of subject, and sometimes more than one photo is suggested, with one being a close-up of facial features. I do not require a deposit. When the painting is complete, I will send and e-mail photo attachment. If you approve, then you would send me a check for the total amount, and I would ship the painting safely to you.


Try to get on the animal’s level. Taking a photograph from above the pet will make him look out of proportion.

When indoors, it is best to use the natural light from a nearby window as your light source.

Natural light is the best lighting to use. Direct sunlight can alter the true color of your pet. A slightly overcast day offers the best lighting for a photo. Try to select a location that will set off the colors of your pet, but not exact opposites. For example: Do not photograph a black animal in front of a white background, as the camera will overexpose the photo. Also, do not photograph a black animal in front of a dark background, as they will blend and make it difficult to distinguish the animal from the background.

If you choose a photo that was taken by a professional photographer, written permission must be obtained from the photographer to reproduce that photo.